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Should I Worry About Bleeding Gums?

You may think that it’s a normal occurrence to experiencing some blood when you’re brushing your teeth. However, this is usually an indicator that you have gum disease. Dr. Paul Bowersox, a dentist in Westminster, MD, discusses the consequences and treatment options.affordable dentist in westminster, maryland

Inflamed Gums and Gingivitis

When you notice your gums bleeding, it’s because they’re swollen and irritated. This is usually caused by a buildup of plaque or tartar. This early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis, and it’s when gum disease is most treatable. It’s essential that you notify your dentist when you experience this. Gingivitis is the first of multiple stages of gum disease.

Is it Definitely Gum Disease?

Occasionally, a new toothbrush or other small occurrences can be the cause of your bleeding gums. But there are other symptoms and indicators to tell if it’s gum disease. Since it’s caused by bacteria buildup, you may notice that you have consistently bad breath that’s hard to eliminate. You may notice that your gums appear to be receding from your teeth.

In addition to bleeding, your gums will probably also look red and inflamed, and not their usual pink. It can be painful to chew and do other functions with your mouth because your gums are tender. As gum disease advances, you may notice that your teeth are shifting or becoming loose, another sign that your gums are compromised.

The Consequences of Gum Disease

Gum disease isn’t anything you want to take risks with. The longer your gum disease goes untreated, the more you’re at risk. Teeth can start to get loose and fall out or need extraction due to gum disease. Deep pockets may form at the gumline, filled with bacteria, that pull the gums away from the teeth.

It’s been noted that gum disease also has a connection to your overall health. Bleeding gums can easily be a route for harmful oral bacteria to get into your bloodstream. This takes infection and inflammation throughout your body. Gum disease can cause problems that impact your heart, mind, and the fetus you may be carrying.

Gum Disease Treatment

Treatment for gum disease gets more extensive the farther the disease has progressed. With gingivitis, it may be reversed with good oral healthcare and possibly a particular mouthwash. But further advancement means more invasive procedures.

Scaling and root planing are the go-to treatments for periodontitis. Scaling goes beyond the gum line to clean out pockets of bacteria that have formed. Root planing smooths out your tooth roots so that they can reattach to the gums. While we offer sedation dentistry options to help make your treatment more comfortable, periodontal therapy is an extensive process. You may end up needing surgical intervention.

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