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Clear Braces Westminster, MD

If you suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth, we are here to help you straighten your smile. Our family dentist office in Westminster offers clear braces using ClearCorrect or Smile Direct Club invisible aligners. ClearCorrect and Smile Direct Club are aligner systems that offer patients a discreet alternative to traditional metallic braces. Perfect for patients of all ages, you can remove them to eat and clean them. Additionally, when you are wearing them, no one can tell. They are made of a clear plastic material that allows you to maintain your natural smile’s aesthetics while still receiving orthodontic treatment.

As your trusted cosmetic dentist in Carroll County, MD, Dr. Bowersox will monitor your progress as you complete your treatment and advise you on when you should switch to a new set of aligners. By the end of the treatment process, you will have a beautiful and straight smile without the use of brackets or wires.



Clear Braces in Westminster MD

Here are some common questions we receive about treatment with clear braces and aligners:

What are the benefits of ClearCorrect aligners?

ClearCorrect aligners are much more comfortable than traditional braces. You can take them out to clean them and when you want to eat or drink something. Unlike braces, which can be hard to clean, ClearCorrect aligners allow you to maintain your regular dietary and dental hygiene habits throughout treatment. You can even remove them for special occasions. As long as you wear your aligners at least 22 hours out of every day, your treatment will be just as effective.

Who is eligible for clear braces?

Patients of all ages can receive treatment with ClearCorrect aligners. Their discreet quality makes them beneficial for both teenagers and adults. Younger patients may receive faster results from ClearCorrect, as their mouths are still developing and more inclined to shift than more developed mouths. However, the aligners’ steady pressure will work just the same on all teeth. There are some orthodontic concerns that cannot be resolved with ClearCorrect aligners. Dr. Bowersox will need to thoroughly evaluate your teeth to determine if ClearCorrect is right for you.

How does ClearCorrect work?

After you and Dr. Bowersox decide that ClearCorrect is the right treatment option to fit your unique goals and needs, our office will send your records, X-rays, and impressions to ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect maps out a customized treatment plan of gradual adjustments that take your teeth from where they are currently to where you want them to be. They will provide us with the aligners and we will assist you in monitoring your progress with them. Dr. Bowersox will instruct you on how long to wear each set before advancing to the next one. We will monitor your progress until you achieve the smile of your dreams.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

This depends on the starting point for your smile. More extensive orthodontic work will take longer. Dr. Bowersox will be able to provide you with the most accurate time estimate for your treatment during your Clearcorrect consultation. Most patients begin seeing results within one year of orthodontic treatment.

What Is Smile Direct Club?

Affordable and convenient, Smile Direct Club is a doctor-directed teeth alignment system that combines in office treatment planning and direct to your door service.  Dr. Bowersox provides consultations to help patients determine if Smile Direct Club clear aligners are the right choice for straightening their teeth. He works directly with patients to customize the treatment plan providing patients with straighter, healthier smiles!

Using 3-D imaging and impressions of your teeth, Dr. Bowersox creates your clear aligner treatment plan with you, in office. Then, Smile Direct will send your custom aligners directly to your home eliminating extra costs of other clear aligner systems.

Ask our office about how Smile Direct Club can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.