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Family Dentistry Westminster, MD

At our dental office, we understand you’re looking for a place where everyone in your family can have the dental care that they need. There’s no sense in driving all around town, taking everyone to separate dental offices depending on their needs. As your trusted general dentist in Westminster, Dr. Bowersox provides family dentistry services.

Our general dentistry office accepts all patients, regardless of age. From your child’s first tooth eruption to an elderly parent who needs an entire set of new teeth, we will make sure you have a great experience. Our dentist can help your family at any stage in their dental health journey. We provide individualized care to each member of your family. Dr. Bowersox creates custom treatment plans specifically to meet your dental care needs.

Family Dentistry in Westminster MD

Family Dentistry in Westminster, MD

We understand you want to ensure that your family is getting the best dental services available to them. We treat each patient as an individual at our dental practice. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in our office. Instead, Dr. Bowersox takes the time with every patient to thoroughly evaluate the state of their smile. Then, he will determine what treatment plan best meets their needs. Additionally, we use some of the best dental tools available to provide efficient and cost-effective care. Learn about our family dentistry services below.

Do you offer pediatric dental services?

Yes! Dr. Bowersox and his staff can provide children’s dental services in Westminster. You should bringing your child to the office after the eruption of their first tooth, or around their first birthday. Our team offers friendly care to all of our patients. We make sure to go over your child’s specific needs at every stage of their dental development to help them practice good oral hygiene at home. Our pediatric services may include:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of dental caries (tooth decay).
  • Sealants for teeth to prevent tooth decay.
  • Fluoride treatments for teeth to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.
  • Extraction of baby teeth.
  • Placement of dental implants in children who have lost their natural teeth due to disease or injury.
  • Orthodontics for children with crooked teeth or other problems with their bite.

Dr. Bowersox is qualified in both general dentistry and pediatric dentistry. He will be able to diagnose any issues a child may have with their oral health.

I have a teenager who needs orthodontic care. Can you help with that?

Yes. We offer clear braces as the perfect choice to patients seeking orthodontic care. Our clear braces provide discreet treatment for patients of all ages that want to avoid traditional metal braces. Teenagers are especially happy to hear that they can avoid the brackets and wires with our ClearCorrect alternative. Instead, ClearCorrect works via an aligner system that slowly encourages teeth to shift into a straighter position.

What are our options to replace a full set of teeth?

If you or someone you know needs to replace a full set of teeth, bring them to our office for an exam. We can provide modern dentures and partials to meet their specific needs. Our team also provides dental implants to patients looking for more secure and permanent dentures. With the help of a few dental implants, the dentures have something to keep them anchored into the mouth. We also offer a variety of other restorative dentistry options for patients in need of replacing a single tooth or restoring the health of their gums or jawbone.