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Custom Mouthguard Westminster, MD

Mouthguards are multifunctional dental devices that serve a variety of patients in different ways. Customized to fit your smile, a mouthguard is made of a plastic, easy-to-clean material that is worn similarly to a retainer. Our patients who engage in contact sports commonly utilize mouthguards. In fact, many sports like football, wrestling, or gymnastics, require a mouthguard as a part of the required part of the uniform. Mouthguards can also be known as nightguards if they are being utilized primarily while you sleep. Patients who suffer from chronic jaw pain, teeth grinding, or sleep apnea may be recommended to use a mouthguard for extra protection while they sleep. Regardless of why you’re using your mouthguard, it is good to have one on hand. As your trusted general dentist in Westminster, MD, Dr. Bowersox can create a customized mouthguard to fit your smile’s unique needs. Our patients love our customized mouthguards because they are a cost-effective way of preventing future tooth damage.

general dentist in westminster md provides mouthguards

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our customized mouthguards:

What’s the difference in customized mouthguards vs. over-the-counter options?

Over-the-counter options are a one-size-fits-all approach to teeth protection. Your smile is not just like anyone else’s smile. It’s important to take into consideration that your mouthguard needs to fit snuggly into your mouth for max protection. If your mouthguard slips around or falls out while you are engaging in a contact sport, you could risk severe tooth damage. Our mouthguards are made from dental impressions of your teeth, which allows for a more comfortable and secure fit.

How does a nightguard help with jaw pain?

A night guard is designed to hold your jaw in a healthy resting position while you sleep. Many patients grind their teeth or clench their jaw in their sleep, especially if they are under high stress. A nightguard prevents this action, making sure that if you do bite down on your teeth, they do not experience this extra pressure through the guard. This helps you wake up with a fully rested jawbone, and reduces the tension held in your facial muscles as you sleep.

How does a nightguard help with sleep apnea?

A nightguard helps sleep apnea patients maintain a proper airway as they sleep. Sleep apnea is often caused by a collapse of soft tissues in your mouth, which prevents you from breathing properly and causes loud snoring. With a customized nightguard, your soft tissues will be held in place, helping you maintain proper airflow.