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Tooth Extraction Westminster MD

As your trusted general dentist in Westminster, MD, avoiding tooth loss is a big priority for our dental office; however, sometimes it is necessary. Patients who have an overcrowded mouth, an infected tooth, or an impacted tooth may require a tooth extraction. Dr. Bowersox can provide a safe tooth extraction when you need it the most. If your wisdom teeth are growing in, we can also remove those for you as well.

Dr. Bowersox performs a tooth extraction by expanding the socket and separating the tooth from the ligament that holds it in place. We use a local anesthetic to prevent any pain. However, you may feel some slight pressure as the tooth gently rocks back and forth as it dislodges from your jawbone. This is a fairly quick procedure, though it may need to follow up with a restorative dentistry procedure after the socket has healed to prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting.

Tooth Extraction in Westminster MD

Here are some common questions we frequently receive about our tooth extraction process:

Tooth Extraction FAQs

Why do I need to have my wisdom tooth removed?

Wisdom teeth usually emerge after the rest of your mouth has fully developed and all your other teeth have taken their permanent positions. When a wisdom tooth tries to grow in, it can cause your teeth to shift around.

If there is not enough space in your mouth for the wisdom tooth, the tooth may become impacted and cause pain. If the tooth is able to grow, it will be in the far back of your mouth, which makes it very hard to keep clean.

When do wisdom teeth grow in?

Typically, wisdom teeth grow in around the ages of 17-25. Dr. Bowersox utilized X-rays to track the growth of your wisdom teeth, so you should be fully informed on their development if you maintain regular preventative care appointments.

What are my options for replacing my extracted tooth?

Our office offers a variety of restorative dentistry solutions for replacing extracted or missing teeth. If your permanent tooth was removed due to facial trauma or infection, we can replace it with a dental implant or dental bridge depending on your preferences for replacement.

How long does it take a wisdom tooth to come in once it starts?

Typically, wisdom teeth begin to erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Not everyone goes through this growth period at the same rate. The wisdom teeth may never fully erupt through the gums or it may take years for them to do so. Some people only have two or three wisdom teeth, and in some cases an individual may have none.

How painful is wisdom teeth removal?

You should not experience any discomfort during the removal of your wisdom teeth because the surgery is done using anesthesia.  The greatest discomfort you will likely experience is the pressure of the tooth being pushed out of the socket. However, anesthesia makes the surgery painless and relatively easy.

How should I sleep after wisdom teeth removal?

For the first few nights following wisdom tooth removal, you must sleep with your head elevated.  If you’re having difficulties sleeping in that position, lean back and stack some pillows behind you for support.

How many days of rest do you need for wisdom teeth?

The recovery period after having your wisdom tooth or teeth removed can last up to two weeks. Your mouth and cheeks may  swell during this period. This may be worse for the first few days before the swelling progressively goes down. Gently applying a cold towel to your face will also help lessen the swelling.

How many hours does it take to remove 4 wisdom teeth?

Most wisdom tooth extraction procedures take between 40 and 90 minutes. The process from start to finish usually takes an hour, even if you need to remove all four of your wisdom teeth at once. The procedure could take a little longer if your wisdom teeth are in a difficult position or if there are unforeseen complications.