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When you notice dental concerns, it’s important that you know who to call. Our dental practice is happy to answer any questions you have about your dental health and help you find the solutions you need to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. As your trusted dentist in Westminster, MD, we offer a variety of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions to resolve your dental concerns.

Every smile is different, which is why we offer such a wide variety of services so we can help you when you need us the most. If you have a dental concern, please contact our office at 410-642-5634 or schedule an appointment online.

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Teething grinding or bruxism is a common dental concern that many of our patients have. Usually, it is a response to stress or a habit that has developed while you sleep.

Many people are unaware that they’ve been grinding their teeth until it results in tooth damage or jaw pain. We can help you prevent tooth damage by providing a customized mouthguard for you to utilize while you sleep. Additionally, if suffer from jaw pain, we can provide TMJ treatment to help you manage your discomfort.

Sleep Apnea

If someone has told you that you snore very loudly, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Few patients realize that sleep apnea is an issue that your dentist can help you address.

Our office provides sleep apnea treatment for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea through oral appliance therapy. We can connect you with a sleep apnea specialist to determine if you require an oral appliance. Then, we will create a custom oral appliance for you.

Missing Teeth

When you are missing teeth, you are not only faced with a loss of aesthetics but also a loss of dental function. Your mouth depends on every tooth working together in your bite pattern.

We can provide solutions like dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures and partials to resolve the issue of missing teeth. Dr. Bowersox also offers all types of dental implants and implant dentures for a permanent tooth replacement option.


If you experience tension headaches, this a symptom you should report at your next dental appointment. Headaches can be the result of jaw pain, missing teeth, or other underlying dental issues causing excess stress to your face and mouth muscles. We can help you determine if dental issues are causing your headaches, and offer restorative dentistry solutions or TMJ treatment to relieve you of this symptom.

Crooked Teeth

Many of our patients come into our office looking for a discreet solution to aligning their crooked teeth. We are proud to offer clear braces to our patients suffering from orthodontic concerns. Clear braces are a great treatment option for patients looking to straighten their smiles while also maintaining their personal aesthetics throughout their orthodontic treatment plan.

Bleeding Gums

One of the first signs of gum disease is gingivitis or bleeding gums. If you notice your gums bleed after brushing or flossing your teeth, this is a good sign that it’s time to schedule your next dental check-up. Plaque and tartar buildup surrounding your gum line and irritating your gums causes your gums to bleed. If left untreated, bleeding gums may require more extensive restorative treatment like periodontal therapy.