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“Dr. Paul Bowersox has been our family’s dentist for over 20 years, providing excellent dental advice and procedures. His warm, personal approach to serving us and our dental needs goes a long way toward satisfying our health requirements, as well as making our lives more fulfilling and rewarding. Always willing to listen to our dental concerns and taking our individual situations into consideration, Dr. Paul has created a happy and enriching dental practice that suits our family perfectly.”

— Tom & Donna Todd, Woodbine, MD

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Paul Bowersox for helping me when I was in excruciating pain. Thank you for coming in on a Sunday evening to help relieve my tooth pain. I had an infection in my tooth which needed a root canal eventually, but that evening he was able to drain the infection, which relieved the unthinkable pain I was experiencing. I was able to go back at a later date for the root canal once the infection was healed. I am so appreciative to Dr. Bowersox for being so caring and flexible and for coming into the office on a Sunday evening.”

— Paula K.

“I am very happy with the cosmetic dental work done by Dr. Bowersox in 2012.  Before the procedure I was unhappy with my smile, specifically my upper front teeth. Dr. Bowersox was able to efficiently and painlessly install six veneers on my upper front row. The procedure only took three short visits, with no complications and a great end result. There is virtually no difference in the feel of my current smile and my natural teeth, but they look so much better. I regularly receive compliments on how great my teeth look. I highly recommend Dr. Bowersox for any cosmetic work or dental procedures.”

— Patrick Cody

“Last spring my doctor suggested that I get my teeth fitted for an appliance to help eliminate my snoring and my sleep apnea. He recommended using Dr. Paul Bowersox in Westminster, whom he has referred other patients for similar issues.

“Dr. Bowersox explained the whole procedure to me as a three-visit process that would require about 20 minutes for each visit for fitting and adjusting.

“After receiving the appliance, I started wearing it every night. My wife told me that I stopped snoring immediately. The change I noticed right away was the fact that I was sleeping sound every night and I was no longer tired in the middle of the day.

“I found Dr. Bowersox to be very friendly and personable. His explanation of how the appliance works and the care and cleaning of the guard was simple and very easy to follow. His staff helped me in filling out the correct medical insurance forms and submitting them so I could be fully reimbursed 100% by Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

“My experience was very pleasant and I have nothing but favorable comments about the whole process.”

— Phil Angelella

"On August 29, 2010 I was in a terrible farming accident with many bodily injuries.  Aside from the many surgeries I went through, I noticed that my 4 front teeth were turning dark blue.  I immediately went to see Dr. Bowersox and he was very concerned because they were turning blue due to lack of blood flow which meant I could lose them.  Being a man in the business and sales industry, I feared the loss of my front teeth.  My smile is very important to me!  Over the course of the next several weeks, Dr. Bowersox treated me with great compassion and skill.  He placed 4 porcelain crowns on my front teeth and best of all the procedure was painless!  I am forever grateful that Dr. Bowersox was able to give me my beautiful smile back!"

David Bollinger

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